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Everyone has seen a tire burst, but not many know why. In our experiment we tested the factors that affect rubber's durability. Our hypothesis for this experiment was when the surface area of the nails decreases, a lesser force is needed to burst the balloon. If there is an increase of surface area of the nails, a greater force is needed to burst the balloon.Which will prove F=P/A(F is force. P is pressure. A is surface area)

To simulate it, we used a balloon and nails as the tire and the surface area respectively. For the pressure, we used books. To find a fixed weight, we recorded the maximum weight on the balloon that caused it to pop.We made a model that will place the pressure onto the balloon against the nails.After which we recorded down the results of how much weight was needed for the balloon to pop.

Our results proved that our hypothesis is correct, for example with 5 nails it took only 1.2kg in comparison with 95 nails it took 7.9kg.

Our findings shows that the amount of force needed to burst the balloon increases when we increase the total surface area of the nails.

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