Monday, 2 March 2015

Log Book

Week 3
Entry No. 1: 20 January, 2015
Today, it was our first lab session .We used our time to organise and plan out our log book. We researched for where and when we can get our different materials we needed for our experiment. For example, we will be borrowing the weighing scale from the school and we asked Mr Tan where we could buy our wooden products from. We predict our budget expense to not exceed more than $20.

Entry No. 2: 21 January, 2015

Today, we received feedback on our first proposal draft from Ms Yong.First of all, our hypothesis and title was noted to be not phrased properly. We heeded Ms Yong advice and worked to improve our proposal. We plan to meet Mr Tan tomorrow to ask him on which areas of our proposal that we should add extra details to to obtain better marks.

Entry No. 3: 23 January, 2015

After meeting with Mr Tan, we used his suggestions and improved our proposal. We went to the engineering lab and drew a detailed diagram so as to make it more convenient when we are drilling the holes for the nails and the rods. We also confirmed the equipment we needed with the lab .

Week 4
Entry No. 4: 27 January, 2015

We finalised on our decision of the size  of the balloon, by cutting out a circle on a piece of cardboard, to have a standardised size, making sure that it is big enough to cover all the nails. We also worked on our blog, adding in the cover page, and filled in the introduction page on our blog. After school we went to the nearby art friend to get our materials such as a long dowel that we had planned to divide it into shorter lengths of as well as a big wooden plank that we would cut into smaller planks of

Entry No. 5: 28 January, 2015

Today we marked out the length of the smaller dowels. We also drew out a template of the dimensions of the wooden plank and the exact positioning of the nails, this will assist us in sawing out the final model.

Entry No. 6: 30 January, 2015

Today Mr Tan saw the template that we drew the previous day and advised on how the nails should be positioned. Instead of placing the nails in straight lines, he suggested that we placed them in triangular formations. After we had edited the template, he approved it and allowed us to carry out the procedures of making the model on the next lesson.

Entry No. 7: 3 February, 2015
After staying back and having finished sawing out the boards, sawing the dowels into the specific lengths, and drilling the holes where the nails would be inserted, we started hammering the dowels into their respective positions on the wooden board using a nail each, referring to the template.

Entry 8: 4 February, 2015
During that one period block, we finished up the model by using sandpaper and files to smoothen the holes in which the nail and dowels would be inserted into.

Entry 9: 6 February, 2015
After staying back to conduct our experiment, we did one last test to finish the experiment. We took down the results on a notebook.

Entry 10: 10 February, 2015
We started writing our report. We wrote the abstract, we filled a few tabs of the blog and we started design for the poster. Wong Kang also started compiling the videos we took during the experiment to make a multimedia presentation.

Entry 11: 11 February, 2015
We used our time to take more photographs for the video, we also made a few keynote slides to help in the Video

Entry 12: 13 February, 2015
We edited the format and template of the blog so that it is easier for the readers to read as well as changing the background that will correspond to the theme of our experiment. 

Entry 13:17 February
We finalised a uploaded the video presentation.We also started to create the poster we had to find a nice background and make icons too.

Entry 14: 18,20 February
We were not able to carry out any work these two days due to Chinese New Year

Entry 15: 24 February
After getting advice from Ms Yong we edited the few pages in the blog that did not have the link to the source or haven't been fully completed.We also manage to finish the the poster and uploaded it onto the blog.

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